We can start you on your solar journey. The road towards a zero power bill.


We are locals, thinking global.

At NEWY SOLAR, we are committed to providing you with expert advice and guaranteed quality solar products.

NEWY for Newcastle, SOLAR to save you money.

We know our solar panels, inverters and batteries really well. We have to, it’s our bread and butter. We research market trends globally to provide the latest solar products and the insight on how they work the best in homes and commercial properties.

Are you confused about rebates, inverters or even batteries? We have the knowledge. This is what we do everyday.

We supply and install the solar system of your choice and take all of the worry out of your hands. It is the peace of mind knowing that we will be looking after you and the environment, not the power company.

This helps you on your path to getting rid of the headache of that quarterly power bill as your new solar system will be working to reduce it towards zero.